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About "Snot Bubble Boy"

"Snot Bubble Boy" is a short film written, directed, produced, animated, drawn, composed, sung, and edited by John Derevlany.

The film is based on a song, "Snot Bubble Boy," which the filmmaker used to sing (lovingly) to his son Ian when he was very young.

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From the time he was born until he was about 3, Ian always seemed to have some kind of cold-related liquid draining from his nose.  This is not that unusual for young kids.  Nevertheless, Ian was never too thrilled with this situation, and neither was anyone else.

But John Derevlany believes there's always a silver lining, even in the thick green of children's mucus. Thus, he made up a song about Ian's ever-present snot, and all the wonderful powers it might have, if seen with the right eyes.  Rather than being a source of discomfort, his nasal discharge could be a superpower capable of carrying him around the world and universe, where new friends and adventures would be found.

This is the story of "Snot Bubble Boy," a young child who gains superpowers from his excessive nose dribble.

The film premiered at the 11th Annual Phoenix Film Festival and the 20th Annual Florida Film Festival in the Orlanda/Central Florida area. It was nominated for "Best Animated Short" at LA Comedy Fest 2011.


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